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Dell Customer Care Service Number



Dell is American private computer Technology Company which is manufacture different type of products such as Laptop, Desktop, monitor, projector and many more. Millions customer are using dell product worldwide. I am also using Dell Laptop for my personal use. Dell Laptop is very strong and long life so that I want to suggest you to use Dell Laptop for your personal and professional use. Dell is offering worldwide services. if you are using Dell product than you may contact with Dell Customer care for support. Dell is offering repair, sold, developed and support services. There are multiple ways to touch with Dell customer care such as customer service number, email id, social profile, website, and physical address. You can touch with Dell customer support according to your helpful ways.

If you are searching dell customer services number than here you can gets the entire customer service number according to countries and location. You can contact with customer care executive for different type of issue such as issue related to technical. If you are facing any issue in the laptop than you can easily touch with dell customer care by customer service number. you should pick the customer service number according to your location for example if you are leaving in USA than you should use the USA base customer service number otherwise you can’t support easily from customer support.

We are going to share Dell customer service toll free number for all countries. you can pick toll free number according to your countries. If you have any complaints than you can also send via email id or contact form. You should write the complaint and send to superior officer of Dell. If you are not satisfied from the Dell customer care support than you should do that otherwise you can also write the complaint below in the comment box. you should also write the del product and support service review. If you have any suggestion, feedback and queries than you should contact with Dell customer care.

 Customer service number: India

Now, we are going to share the Dell Customer services number of India. you can get all the details according to countries.

Home based product you can dial 1800 425 2046 (Toll Free) & 080 2510 8067

Work Based Product you can dial 1800 425 4051 (Toll Free) & 080 2510 8035

For Technical support Dial 1800 425 8045 (Toll free)

Now find the customer services number of other countries.

Call the International Queue at + 001 512-728-7424 (toll call).

If in the US or Canada, call 800-285-1653 (toll free)

Customer service number: US

Dell Customer Service Number: 1 866 795 5597

  • Alienware: 1-800-254-3692
  • Home Users In Warranty: 1-800-624-9896
  • Home Users – Fee Based Out of Warranty: 1-800-288-4410
  • Monitor Support: 1-866-618-2044
  • Mobile Devices (Phones) & Tablets: 1-800-308-3355
  • Small Business (1-499 employees) basic support: 1-800-822-8965
  • Large Enterprise & Public Sector basic support: 1-800-456-3355
  • Solution Station for Business: 1-800-945-8061
  • Wyse products with Dell Service Tag: 877-459-7304
  • ProSupport contracts: 1-866-362-5350
  • ProSupport Plus contracts:1-855-305-9057

Customer service number: uk

  • Collect and Return Service: +44 (0)800-028-2660
  • Basic Hardware Support: +44 (0)800-028-2660
  • In-Home Services: +44 (0)800-028-2660
  • Next day In-Home Services: +44 (0)800-028-2660
  • Premium Support: +44 (0)800-028-2660
  • Expired Warranty Services: +44 (0)800-028-2660
  • Enterprise Support: +44 (0)844-444-3262
  • Wyse products with Dell Service Tag: 8000282660
  • ProSupport: +44 (0)844-444-3844
  • ProSupport Plus): +44 (0)844 444 3844

Customer service number: Australia

  • Basic Support Dimension, Inspiron, Studio: 1300-655-533
  • Basic Support XPS, Alienware: 1300-790-877
  • Basic Support Printers, Monitors: 1800-633-559
  • Consumer Premium Support Alienware, Inspiron, XPS: 1800-677-958
  • Basic Support OptiPlex, Latitude, Vostro, Tablets: 1800-060-889
  • Basic Support Server, Storage: 1800-733-314
  • Basic Support Precision: 1800-633-559
  • Wyse products with Dell Service Tag: 1800-733-314

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